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72 skylark sedan side glass

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Hi guys,

I'm posting this in the restoration section to see what my options are.

I am working on a 72 skylark sedan (has b pillar)

The side glass has been damaged by the moron doing the work on the car... me.

I have been looking for glass for the past 3 months. I tried contacting some people who claim to have glass for vintage cars with no luck.

I know I can try to find a donor car and that will be my last resort.

Does anyone know somebody who makes or cuts this glass?

Does anyone know if the glass is all the same for Chevelle 4 door sedans and skylark? Picture wise the cars look the same.

I'm not in a rush, I have been working on the roof now. It will be a few months before I am ready for glass.

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68-72 chevelle/malibu 4 door will fit. ebay has a number of options.
Yes it will fit.
They're a number of companies that reproduce glass for coupes and convertibles but, not sure the demand is there for a 4 door. I wouldn't be surprised that GM would still have some of this glass rat holed somewhere. Try to find the GM part number for the glass and do a specific search.
Thanks random letters and numbers guy.

I will check that out. I didn't consider eBay because I rarely find good stuff on there any more, I appreciate you bring that up.

I have an old shop manual for the car, hopefully the original part numbers are listed there.

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