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72 seat belt dash wiring

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My wiring diagram and the harness I have don't match at all in how the wires are run and the colors.

My diagram shows Y/DBL/B from fisher body conn to column switch.
B From column switch to seat belt buzzer then to light
P from buzzer to gauge power distribution junction then to light

So it looks like the buzzer and light will go off if in gear and gnd from seat belt switches.

My harness is as follows:
Yellow with blk stripe from fisher body conn to buzzer then to light
Pink with wht stripe from buzzer to light to column switch
Pink from column switch to gauge power distribution junction.

Again gnd from fisher body conn will excite light and buzzer if in gear

any ideas why so different?

My main problem is that the pink with wht stripe and pink wires are cut at the column and I don't know what kind of connector I need. Is it an "L" shaped with 2 spade pins?
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Thanks Elree and John!
Elree - yes power is switched by column switch but it also requires a gnd from the fisher body connector to turn on buzzer and light.
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