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72 Malibu,,,back up lights wire color

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I hooked up my neutral starter switch tonight on the Mega Shifter,now its time to hook up the back up lights,,,can anyone tell me what color the wire is that goes to the back up lights and tell me where to locate this wire under the dash?? as always,thanks in advance...Bob

Bob West
1972 Malibu
3900 lbs.
1.79 60 ft.
12.06 @ 112.89
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It's a light green wire. On the automatic shift cars it comes from the neutral safety switch. The N/S has 6 wires. The 2 in the center are the back-up switch. Other part of the switch has a pink wire on it.
The light green runs all the way to the trunk. Should see it on the harness connector inside the trunk, left hand side.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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