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72 horn relay

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Does anyone know where a person can find one of these? I was removing the power brake booster yesterday and broke mine, the plastic mount that is held to the firewall by 2 screws just above the booster. The relay works fine, just broke it. I went to Oreillys, they tell me Borg Warner has discontinued it so they order in a AC Delco part and it looks nothing like the one on the car, Pep Boys doesnt have them. Anyone? thanks.
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Upon further review, looks like I'm SOL, after using the search function. Unless I can find a car to steal one from, keep your hood locked :D
I was afraid of that... :sad:
Have a couple of used ones Bob. Yes they are a little hard to find so I pick them up when I see one. Not pretty but functional.
You got a PM John, thanks
Answered. Little too rainy to double check one out tonight.
There is always a bunch of them on E-bay:
I only saw one and that’s a great price at present. The only Chevelle they are used in is the 72 and they are discontinued. The stud ties the main power harness wires and it has spade connectors instead of screws for the horn and ground wires.

The only source I know of that supplies a relay that fits is:

It’s a 72 Vette relay part number 03996283 priced around $80.00.
Hi my name is Don Mertz, I have a 72 as well, My horn relay has also gone bad, did you ever find one or something else that will work in its place?
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