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72 GMC Sprint VIN/Cowl Decoding

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As I understand it a 1972 GMC Sprint V-8 Custom with a small block could be an SP. I have since begun the search for a build sheet. Even though this car is 1 of 689 based on the VIN alone it could be one of the 258 estimated SP’s in 350-4 barrel form, no? Sorry it’s not original paint or wheels and no SP badge on the interior just GMC on the wheel, in case you are wondering. Anyway, I would like others to confirm my newly learned VIN and cowl tag decoding skills.

VIN: 5D80J2L5000440
Cowl Tag: ST 72-53680 L 00355; TR 704 A51 75 B; IC 5 369033 17070

1972 GMC Sprint, V-8 Custom, 350-4bbl, bucket seats, cranberry red, black vinyl roof, built in Los Angles as the 440th unit.

Is this really all I can tell without a build sheet? Additional options on the car are: console, round ralley/ss type gages, a/c, cruise, power locks, brakes, steering, turbo 350 trans, 12 bolt rear, air shocks, map light in the rear view. If anyone has a GMC Sprint SP with a small block or at least similar VIN Digits (5000440 +/- ) please send me an e-mail. Thanks.

Follow this link for a picture…please ignore the 1955 Pontiac parts.
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dcarr said:
My '71 Sprint has been in a couple magazines and on "My Classic Car" TV show with Dennis Gage.
I remember that episode like it was yesterday. But I cant remember what you said the production totals were on the SP454. Im not even sure if it was stated in the graphic that comes up on the screen during the segment. Werent there actually very very few of yours made Dan?

Also, didnt you have a Buick Skylark on that show too? Forgive me if im wrong about that.
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