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72 GMC Sprint VIN/Cowl Decoding

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As I understand it a 1972 GMC Sprint V-8 Custom with a small block could be an SP. I have since begun the search for a build sheet. Even though this car is 1 of 689 based on the VIN alone it could be one of the 258 estimated SP’s in 350-4 barrel form, no? Sorry it’s not original paint or wheels and no SP badge on the interior just GMC on the wheel, in case you are wondering. Anyway, I would like others to confirm my newly learned VIN and cowl tag decoding skills.

VIN: 5D80J2L5000440
Cowl Tag: ST 72-53680 L 00355; TR 704 A51 75 B; IC 5 369033 17070

1972 GMC Sprint, V-8 Custom, 350-4bbl, bucket seats, cranberry red, black vinyl roof, built in Los Angles as the 440th unit.

Is this really all I can tell without a build sheet? Additional options on the car are: console, round ralley/ss type gages, a/c, cruise, power locks, brakes, steering, turbo 350 trans, 12 bolt rear, air shocks, map light in the rear view. If anyone has a GMC Sprint SP with a small block or at least similar VIN Digits (5000440 +/- ) please send me an e-mail. Thanks.

Follow this link for a picture…please ignore the 1955 Pontiac parts.
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Your decode is correct. I would add that the "1C" (note "1C" not "IC") means that is was assembled during the third week of January (1972).

Does it have a round speedometer or the wide rectangular speedometer ?

Does it have air conditioning ?

Is there a "GMC" on the dash above the heater controls ?

Is there a small oval "Fasten Seat Belts" light in the dash near the lighter ?

The "Fasten Seat Belts" warning light was added to the Chevelle/Camino/Sprint dashes shortly after the start of the 1972 model year. As you know, a lot of dash swaps are done on clones to make them look authentic. The 1972-only seat belt light is something to look for to check the authenticity of the dash. I've seen a couple supposed 1970 LS6 Chevelles with the seat belt light (not a good sign !). And I've seen some late-production 1972 "SS-454" Chevelles without the light (not a good sign either !).

My '71 Sprint has the console pockets. I think that was part of a deluxe seat belt option (but the warning light was federally-mandated in all cars starting in 1972).

My '71 Sprint has been in a couple magazines and on "My Classic Car" TV show with Dennis Gage. I don't remember which magazine issues, but I'll see if I can dig them up later today.

Trim Parts make nices reproductions of the "GMC/Sprint" fender/tailgate emblems.

I thought about a registry, but it is difficult in many cases to determine whether the information provided by owners is correct.
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Here are the detailed '71-'72 GMC Sprint production totals:

On a different eposide of My Classic Car, they featured my 1968 Buick GS-Colorado.
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