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72 El Camino

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SB with a 468 BB, recent rebuild, Bright non original blue, white stripes with functional cowl. Unrestored blk/white interior, t-400, new tires on vette rallys, drum, 10 exhaust, suspension. Project to finish. Whats it worth now? . . . . .finished?
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probably still in the paint and body shop. jim
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you'll find it takes a special buyer to break out the wallet for a el camino. if your getting it to flip, good luck finding a buyer. if your getting it for yourself, 6500 is a great price.
Every el camino I sold I heard from all the usual local car guys that I gave the trucks away. $4000 for the 66 350 th350 10 bolt. drove it away.
4500 for the 70 350 th350 4.10 12 bolt posi, disc, tubular control arms etc
4500 for 68 new front suspension 327 th350 10 bolt
6900 for the 67 307 th400 3.31 12 bolt, new bucket seat interior no console, disc brakes
these were running driving trucks, needing paint but not rusted out. jim
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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