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72 Chevelle Street/strip

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This is my first time posting on this site. I'm just curious as to about how much I could get for my Chevelle. Here it goes:

It's just a regular 1972 Chevelle(not an ss etc.) Currently it has a 383stroker motor w/forged internals and less than 3000miles. Compression ratio around 10.5:1. It has the edelbrock performer heads and cam. Performer air gap. Has a Turbo400 built to handle atleast 900hp. Custom exhaust. Its minitubbed. 15gal fuel cell in the trunk. Stock rear end w/stock 2.73's. Interior is decent but could be redone. Racing seats upfront are black leather/adjustable. The car doesnt really have any rust except a couple small surface spots. Car also needs a paintjob. Couple small things like no wipers/parking brake.

I;m just looking for a ball park figure. I'm currently asking about $6500 for it right now and a few are interested/trying to come up with the funds. The people that arei nterested know the car/have helped build it and say 6500 is a good deal because there is a lot of money in it. I'm just looking for other opinions on how much I could fetch. :D
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I also forgot to add there is no a/c. A guy at my job said if I bought a new hood and got it painted then I could prob get atleast 8k for it. I could get it painted for 500. I'll have to maybe try posting it up some places and see if anyone does bite.
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