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72 chevelle speakers

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I have a 1972 chevelle malibu.

It has a headunit but the wires arent hooked up, i plan on getting new speakers and maybe aftermarket headunit. I dont know where the speakers were originally

it has a new packkage shelf so if they were there theyre not now, but i did look in the truck under the package shelf and i didnt see holes to fit 6x9s.

Could you tell me where the speakers are located in a 1972 chevelle malibu?
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I can see the holes on each side of the dash so i have 2 speakers in the dash.

So i should get 3" for the front?

I was told that rear speakers were an optiion so it might not have the 6x9s, is that rihgt?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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