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72 chevelle speakers

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I have a 1972 chevelle malibu.

It has a headunit but the wires arent hooked up, i plan on getting new speakers and maybe aftermarket headunit. I dont know where the speakers were originally

it has a new packkage shelf so if they were there theyre not now, but i did look in the truck under the package shelf and i didnt see holes to fit 6x9s.

Could you tell me where the speakers are located in a 1972 chevelle malibu?
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Most package tray material does not have the cutouts for speakers except for the mesh style. So you may be trimming the material and mounting speaker grills. As far as the metal looking from inside the trunk there should be cutouts for 6x9's. The dash will have either the mono in the center or two on each side and thats it. I am going to be adding some on the lower kickpanels and they sell those already in the plastic from NPD or Yearone.
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