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72 chevelle speakers

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I have a 1972 chevelle malibu.

It has a headunit but the wires arent hooked up, i plan on getting new speakers and maybe aftermarket headunit. I dont know where the speakers were originally

it has a new packkage shelf so if they were there theyre not now, but i did look in the truck under the package shelf and i didnt see holes to fit 6x9s.

Could you tell me where the speakers are located in a 1972 chevelle malibu?
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Jim is right- there's cutouts in the metal where the back package tray goes, and depending on which dashpad you have, you'll have the mono center speaker or 2 on the ends of the dashpad for stereo applications.
I bought a stereo dashpad at a flea market and used Infinity 6 x 9's in the back and 4" in the front. I'd suggest either doing what Jim did to the kickpanels, or go with 3" round in the front. The 4's are tough to fit in the dash area.
I think there's cutouts in all Chevelles deck panels for speakers. You nearly have to crawl into the trunk to see them. I did, and used the metal openings as a guide to carefully cut thru the package tray material for my 6 x 9's with a stanley knife.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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