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I've done hours of research on the forum and online regarding the operation and diagnosis of my 72 fuel sender. I've verified that the sender puts out 90 ohms at full and 0 at empty. I've checked the wiring all the way up to the harmonica connector by the steering column and the readings are consistent. The gauge jumps past F when you disconnect the sender or the harmonica connection. But once the sender is connected and everything hooked up, the gauge won't show past just above a quarter tank when full. This is with the sender out of the tank so I know it's not a float issue.

I've narrowed it down to:
  • harmonica to gauge wiring
  • gauge resistor

Just wanted to check, is this a common symptom of a bad gauge or gauge resistor? Everything I've read says that if your gauge goes past F when you unhook everything then your gauge is probably good. Trying to avoid ripping apart my dash for something stupid that I'm missing!

Thank you.
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