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'72 Chevelle/el Camino front end alignment spec's?

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Anyone have some performance front end alignment spec's for a stock '72 el Camino with BBC?

I found some on one of the Camaro sites that were more around performance, used them and it was much better than the stock settings.

Was wondering if there were any for the el Camino's/Chevelle's I could use?
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For high speed stability you want as much caster as you can get (downside is increases steering input required). You won't likely be able to get over 5 degrees and my personal opinion is anything over 3 is good as long as it's matched. Probably want to run 0 to -.5 camber, again it's more important that it's matched from side to side. That leaves to toe-in from 1/16 to 1/8. Some old timey shops don't spend any time centering the wheel, so make sure they do that first.

For those interested, here's some good basics:
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