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72 Chevelle brakes not working!

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Been messing with this thing for a while.

Bought a replacement booster/master from Pep Boys. It was a 4 wheel manual drum car orig. I got a combination valve and mc/valve lines from a 72 w/ power (cleaned it and all clear). I'm using the pedal that was orig on the my manual car which with the rod that came installed in the booster. This thing provides less pedal travel and has never seemed right. I've got vacuum.

I had a heck of a time bleeding the brakes after replacing the rear drums, rear flex line, and installing the front disc but finally got it done. Now that I have the car running, with the power booster in place, I have what feels like no brake pedal and the brake light is on all the time. MC is full. It really feels like not enough brake pedal travel. Is there another piece on the swap I'm missing? Surely the pedal assy on there can be made to work adequately?
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Do you have the clevis pin in the bottm hole on the brake pedal? The upper is for manual and lower is for power. Do you also have the right booster, master and pushrod? It would appera so if you got it all from a 72. Are you also using a combination valve from a 71-72? Besides bleeding at the wheels also bleed at the master. Pete
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