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'72 block question

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I just bought my '72 minus engine and trans. The vin shows the car cam with a 402. I would like to start keeping my eye out for a motor. Am I correct in looking for a 3999290 casting# block? Did any '290 blocks come 4 bolt or were they all two? Also can anyone tell me what to look for to buy the correct trans. i.e. casting #s on case? The car is a 4 spd not an auto.
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If it's just a general tranny question, yes, probably better in that section. I would think a regular 454 block is a bit less than a 396, only because there are likely a lot less 396 blocks around. I hear guys here saying 454's are hard to find now, but I see a lot for sale around me (upstate ny) for a pretty good price. I have had two in the garage for a couple years now, and just picked up another one last weekend. Look for something out of a p/u or suburban, or maybe a motorhome...lots of them used 454's. And if you're going to have to rebuild it anyway, as Gary said, go for a 496...a stroker crank and rods are only a tad more than the stock size stuff, and it's a lot more fun when it's done!!:D :D
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