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been reading this forum for a month now. wow you all have the answers and the knowledge. you spot things from a photo. i am impressed.
hello Shane here - 61 - offshore REP GoM - offshore diver in my younger days.
no restoration on my resume.

i fell into a 72 Malibu (no nick name) and Trouble (67 Malibu). 72 was a breeze to up grade and work on. in 2014 an in-law (hot rodder - airplane mechanic) asked my wife and her dad if i wanted a muscle car? sure. what is it? its a 72 Malibu (no clue what that was). okay.

FYI 78 to 98 i had a 69 cougar XR7 rag top - sold it just because - wish i had it back.

72 was going to be a track star but the owner took the 396 out and put a built 454 with ISKY cam - 800 HP built by Gary G & Teddy P in LA area - strip racers, plumbed for Nitrox, 400 T with B&M Shifter, Gear vender with new HD drive line, new 12 bolt 3rd member 32 spline C-clip, 411's, Toms axles - owner moved on to a 67 - put that 396 in another potential track star (67), my son drug my trailer to LA, loaded the 72 and off to Brookshire Texas. during this 6 year escapade 72 owner drug his feet - i got ticked off and said i want my money back (twice) - glad it never happened - during the 72 up grade at home i watched Jack Reacher and that red Chevelle - love at first sight. then read "Chevelle" on the 72 grill - i about fell out. so happy so so happy. June 2020 72 arrived home, immediately 72 on blocks, new Wilwood brakes, anti pole volt, new send unit (tank was new), new black interior i installed (panels, carpet - seats were like new), new tubular A arms with new front springs - it had been lowered 2", new alum radiator with two electric fans. had rust behind each front wheel & dents on hood (bought new one), dents on top - rather neglected - body shop to take care of. i pulled 40 years of dirt from behind the bling bling on front fenders. no rust on the floor panel - buffed the whole inside. owners before installed headers and lowered the car. i was in a hurry to drive it so sept 19 went to body/paint jail. still requires a new dash cover (its cracked), i am pulling out console and making one out of steel (did it to Trouble).

Now Trouble (67): had it shipped to Texas from LA via Mont way transport (i'd use them again) in October 2020 took them 5 days to get here - i was offshore, son had to come home from work to meet driver - it was two day trip for driver - my wife made the nick name after that fiasco. drove it 20' ahead in man cave & put it on blocks. 396 - 400 HP, hooker headers, T400 (floor needed to be cut to accept the T400) with Hurst Shifter. owner of 72 sold it to an idiot 3 years before (he cut the drip rails off), installed a locking gas cap with 1/2 gal gas (oh its not drivable) no key to be found. took a lot of "pissed off" & removal of sending unit after i punched the lock into tank. drip rails are staying off. Trouble just is not cooperating unless i am removing floor panel rust area and removing the back deck due to cancer - i guess the cancer bothered her. took 4 tries to get the correct stock spindles (previous spindles are McCaughey 2" drop with the disc brakes kit). took twice to get valve cover right - one cover was off specs - rockers were hitting it. twice to get unscuffed air cleaner. 6 times in and out with radiator - first one sprung a leak, original fan did not work on engine side on new radiator - so Shane thought lets swap it to front side, it fit and worked - research says bad idea. so bought summit fans (2) to mount on the new summit radiator engine side. when i bought Trouble, owner gave me a 12 bolt RE with 35 spline axles, non C Clip eliminator. so had local auto shop put in Moser Carrier 342 gears from summit (of which we bought and delivered) wrong bearing, also needed the nut. took 4 weeks to get back. installed RE into Trouble evening of 2/11/2021 before i went offshore. well RE needs new seals - back seal springs came off from behind seal. not a problem - tried to make a make seal puller that morning - epic fail. headed to Fourchon, LA for offshore that afternoon - 2/12/21.
trouble has Wilwood brakes on the front - had to get offshore and RE back to order Back Wilwood disc's - that pesky dollar thing. Trouble has been buffed inside and underneath by me and painted - no other rust. no interior for Trouble. put the front springs off 72 in trouble (owner had cut them down). i also saved this one from being a track star.

i am removing all the Malibu bling bling - welded the holes on the bodies. i do not like lowered cars or low profile tires. unless i trip over SS with matching #'s any car i own will be able to get out of its own way restomod - i know some of you are stock guys - no haters allowed

Team effort (Greg (75) , wife's dad researches & buys parts - Josh (30) was in the Navy doing electrical) and me GoM offshore Rep - ex deadliest catch, ex GoM diver, college flunky 1978 HS graduate.

Both are Restomods. the rear ends will be swapped out when 72 & Trouble meet in the man cave in April or May. racing seats for both. 3 point harness for both.
both will be garage queens - i don't work 8-5 - i am offshore for many day/weeks.
after reading forum and Greg telling me don't turn your back on these two vehicles maybe a lap around the block. i live in the sticks - no one will see the house much less the Chevelle's. go through Texas barbwire, skunks, possums, some poisonous snakes and 4 dogs that bark if a cockroach farts to get to house - driveway 600' long.

one of you is a tire Guru. 72 has gear vendor - tires are 28x11.5x15. i had to remove the inside rim weights after installing WW EM brake caliper so tire would turn. i want to fill the back well up with 16 or 17" rim" and a tire to match the 28" for gear vender. Chrome Cragers. they make such an animal? - your thoughts and opinions welcome.

"i don't do nothing well". i don't do TV. when i am in i spend 12 hours a day in man cave doodling with these two resto's. i really like it. having a blast - when i am off i am off - no 8-5.

also bought pain less harness for Trouble - Josh to put in.
72 (need nickname) tundra dark brown - Trouble dark gun metal grey. rims grey with brushed aluminum.

yes I know i need 800 HP like hole in the head - it is what it is.
no heat or AC on either yet - i don't like all the hoses. 72 does have the controls and heater core (will be replaced) - Trouble is stripped of all that - future options

photos next - third time i tried this - keep hitting wrong button

both will be brand new.
was told 72 was frame off many years ago
Trouble is this side of frame off - Trouble had a fuel cell in the trunk.
both steel braided fuel hoses - battery in trunk on Trouble
he had 1200 HP to put in 72 - i said no to that

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wires give me anxiety - they are removed - painless wiring harness bought - Son to wire up
that a over flow reservoir for radiator - i welded that bracket - had it on the passenger edge of radiator at first - the front end pieces were hitting it - moved it over
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