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'71 Unconnected lines and capped tank connections

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I searched on Gas Tank connections and have read most of the posts, but I haven't found a satisfactory answer to my question.

Today, I installed new shocks and springs on my Chevelle and as I was doing the work under the car, I remember seeing in the documents provided with the car that the fuel tank had been replaced about two years ago. I noted that there are connections on the tank that are capped and the only connected line is going to the engine area. I'm assuming this one connected line is the line providing fuel to the engine. There are other lines on the car just above the differential that are disconnected. I haven't traced these yet, but my review of posting on the forum indicates they are probably going to a canister behind the backseat or in the trunk.

I've only had the car for two weeks and the engine is a Blueprint 383 stroker and has only been in the car for about a year. The motor runs and performs great. After I bought it, I filled it with gas and parked it in my garage a couple of nights. My wife and I noticed a gasoline odor occasionally. This is a concern since my gas hot water heater is in a closet with vented doors off the garage. I also recalled the previous owner parked the car in a carport but told me he had noticed when filling the tank that as he took off the gas cap that the tank sometimes builds pressure.

I'm thinking I need to connect the unconnected lines above the differential to the connections that are capped on the tank, but I do not want to foul up the fuel system that is currently functioning properly.:unsure:

I'd appreciate any guidance or input from some of you experienced Chevelle owners. I'm thinking you might actually help me avoid an explosion in my garage. I'm not parking it inside until I get this issue resolved.

I'll look forward to your responses. As always it is most appreciated.🙂👍
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