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71 Ss idiot light to gauge conversion

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I am trying to follow the instructions for conveting a dash wiring harness in a 71 SS that currently has idiot light SS gauge cluster to work with tach and gauges. The only problem I am having is the the amp gauge. I have added one wire from gauge cluster connector pin 4 (generator/ammeter) to the bulk head connector. The problem is gauge cluster Pin 3, the instruction say nothing about this wire like it already exists. It does but it seems to me that you have to move the wire in the bulkhead connector. I am using the diagrams from this link. http://members.home/jimmy4/conversion.htm

Steve Strasemeier (70SS 396, Fathom Blue/White Stripes)
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I've got to jump in on Steve's thread and compliment you on that great info! I've been looking for the temp sending unit resistance to check my guage for a long time. I tried measuring it using my oven and a meter but didn't come up with anything near accurate results. Is there a manual anywhere that has that type of electrical info in it?

This is a great web site.

Dave Knapp
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