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Hello all,

My car's at the shop and I need to meet with them in the near future and determine colors and where they stop. I had all metal dry stripped down to the metal and it looks great as you can now "see" the rust holes without filler, highly recomended. The car was green w/ black strips and a SS model. This is what I beleive is correct to go back to factory colors...

Firewall - Semigloss black, stop at the seam to the cowl panel on top and sides
Inner fenders (front) plastic / semigloss?
Cowl / under windshield flat black or semi?
Undercarraige - Semigloss black all areas, any undercoating used?
Under hood - flat black
Inside body, fenders, headlight bezels, doors and trunk lid all base color inside and out.
Trunk - splatter grey / white?
Does anyone knwo the dupont (Base coat / clear coat) code for the green and is there any pictutres that show these breaks?

thanks Dale
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