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71 El Camino

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I have never been an El Camino guy until yesterday. I found a project 71, that is really solid minus, the front drivers floor, storage area behind the seat and one area in front of the passenger rear wheel. Was a small block auto air car. No motor or trans. Decent wheels and tires. The doors close better than most new cars. Panel fit is perfect. Needs a new windshield and dash pad. Dude wants $2500.00 for it. Comes with factory cowl hood, floor panel for drivers floor and a new dash. Everything is there except in pieces. I have never priced an El Camino or even looked to buy one before, does it sound like decent deal?
P.S. Sheet metal work is not an issue for me, I have most everything I need to do it, and have done it before. Don
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I think you would get better responce to this thread in the El Camino section.
It sounds a bit much to me......but then again...I only paid twice that for a fully running 130,000 mile original 72 Elky back in 99.:thumbsup:
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