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71 Chevelle SS "396" 4spd bench seat

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I'd thought I would share this, Sitting in my garage currently, my freinds 71 SS 396 4sd Bench seat w Air. Normal Day 2, mild upgrades. He just finished paint. it is a numbers matching, low miles car, with build sheet and protecto plate. It's so fresh he didn't even have time to align the doors correctly during reassembly. (Yes it is a real SS he added the stainless rocker moulding because he likes the look.)

This is his (as he calls it) "driver level paint job". He has done some award winning cars. For example, a '59 el camino won Best Paint in Spring OC MD in 2016. (painted GM Holden VooDoo Blue)
He is painting my 69 GTO (on the trailer behind it), and needed a place to store his car while he had mine.
Sweet car, I'd be proud to call my own, but he wont sell it, he has owned this for well over 30 years.

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