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71 chevelle project car

Im 19 and I'm looking for my first project car. I have decided that i want a 71 chevelle. I do not care about body rust, panels can be replaced. I would like one with a solid frame and with minimal floor and trunk rust, just like everyone else. It also has to be a 2 door, i dont like the 4 door ones. I do not need an engine or transmission, i can get those, and i do not care what the car was before its in my possession. if it was a true SS, thats cool, but that doesnt really matter to me. I want one that I can make my own, and i can get fairly cheaply. located in the midwest, nothing more expensive than $2250. thanks!
txt anytime at (765)337- seventeen eighty-eight. or email, im always checking it

Asking Price: Best Offer

City: Lafayette
State: Indiana
Displayed Email: [email protected]
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