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Almost done with my build, just put in a built 350sbc, with a 200r4 trans, now comes my least favorite part, troubleshooting wiring馃槕馃槕.

To begin, car seems to have all original wiring in pretty good shape, installed new battery on the car, hit the switch, nothing. I then check the fuse box with tester, the entire box has no power.

After doing research the car is missing the horn relay, but I see all the wires that would go there bunched up together

Would this cause the car not to have power to the fuse box?? Or not to have power at the switch??

Car was getting ready for paint before I bought it from PO, so car doesn't have any lights, taillights etc.

He claims all wiring previously worked

Pls help


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Bunched up how? There will be one red wire that has a fusible link on it that runs to the bulkhead connector that supplies the power in the cabin.
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Do you have a wiring diagram for that year of vehicle? With the diagram and a multimeter or test lamp, you can trace from the battery where you have and then don't have electrical power.

Fix that and move on to the next place in the harness.


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This is the bulkhead connector, looks trash, thoughts??
馃槕馃槕馃槕 View attachment 750368
It probably just needs a good cleaning. Get in there with some cleaning tools and solutions. The one on my 68 Nova was dirty but after some detailing it came out pretty good.

If the wires have over spray on them don't get too aggressive with a cleaning solution that may affect the wires insulation. It seems to me I used reducer and gotten wires cleaned with over spray but it depends on the paint covering the wires too.


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The $64,000 question is....where does the red wire with the obviously aftermarket lug connector go to? (the one with the yellow plastic insulation barrel)? The wire is red....which is confusing. The factory wire that leads to the horn(s) was black. Not sure what the former owner was up to....
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