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71 Chevelle Malibu 4-door weatherstripping general help

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Got my hands on a 1971 Chevelle malibu 4-door, last car was a 77 diesel Mercedes, so Im a little new to this game. Its in pretty good shape, but all the weatherstripping is shot to hell and needs to be replaced. I want to get it done now while I have some extra pocket cash.
I know to well how quickly stuff like this can add up, especially when you screw it up.
I bought a set of door weatherstripping for a "1971Chevelle Malibu 4-door sedan/wagon" ??? But after I got it I realized it was'nt the right size. I dont have a pillar seperating the doors/windows (So its a hardtop then or ?)and generally it just doesnt fit. I got in a hurry and screwed up. Now Im reading posts and doing my research. I came across 2 possible "kits" on Steele Rubber's site, just to clerify:
I want a 4-door Hardtop kit?
Not a sedan kit?
Or niether?
Also, will any 71 Chevelle coupe rubber fit anywhere on this car? Roof-rails or doors? Looks about the same to me, but idunno. This project makes me feel like Im married to a women I know nothing about.
Hang with me here Im learning :eek: Thanks!
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The Weatherstrips Steele rubber products make ar the best fit and correct durometer which is softness so you don't have to slam the doors or trunk. We will be using all of their products on our 4dr restoration over in that forum.
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