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71 Chevelle Malibu 4-door weatherstripping general help

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Got my hands on a 1971 Chevelle malibu 4-door, last car was a 77 diesel Mercedes, so Im a little new to this game. Its in pretty good shape, but all the weatherstripping is shot to hell and needs to be replaced. I want to get it done now while I have some extra pocket cash.
I know to well how quickly stuff like this can add up, especially when you screw it up.
I bought a set of door weatherstripping for a "1971Chevelle Malibu 4-door sedan/wagon" ??? But after I got it I realized it was'nt the right size. I dont have a pillar seperating the doors/windows (So its a hardtop then or ?)and generally it just doesnt fit. I got in a hurry and screwed up. Now Im reading posts and doing my research. I came across 2 possible "kits" on Steele Rubber's site, just to clerify:
I want a 4-door Hardtop kit?
Not a sedan kit?
Or niether?
Also, will any 71 Chevelle coupe rubber fit anywhere on this car? Roof-rails or doors? Looks about the same to me, but idunno. This project makes me feel like Im married to a women I know nothing about.
Hang with me here Im learning :eek: Thanks!
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you don't have a pillar which means if you look at the picture in my tag and yours looks like that you want the 4 door hardtop stuff.
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