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71 Chevelle headliner

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Hey guys, I know there have been a few recent posts about headliners but I really need some help. I have no choice but to do it myself ($$$$ is short) so any helpful hints would be appreciated. Thanks
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Plenty of patienceMake sure you mark the holes that each bow is stuck in before removing the bow. There are 3 or 4 holes at each position for some reason.

Plenty of patience-Lay the headliner in the sun to warm it. This will make it easier to work with. A hair dryer will help as you try to tighten the headliner.

Plenty of patience-Don't use too much glue. Its very sticky and the moulding (?) will hold the liner in place.

Plenty of patience/go slowly/start in the middle-work towards the rear both sides-then work towards front-plenty of patience

Good Luck, did I mention patience?

Rick Schaefer
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Patience, patience, patience. Work from the middle to the back, middle to the front. JC Whitney also sells a little tool ($5.95 I think) to help tuck the fabric around the rail. This thing really helped me. Remember any holes for the visors and mirror go last. DON'T CUT A HOLE, find the edges of the hole with your finger and cut an 'X' acrossed the diameter. The coat hooks and seat belt retainers can be screwed in without cutting any slits. Remember when working toward the back you need to put the sail panels in before you put on the trim. I found the back window to be the most difficult, especially getting the headliner taught.

Did I say patience? Good luck, you CAN do this.
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