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I have a '69 BB Chevelle. I'm running a 19" seven-blade fan with a GM heavy-duty fan clutch, long water pump, Northern aluminum radiator, and no shroud. No overheating problems, but I'd like to optimize the cooling by adding a shroud.

Looking at shrouds, I see that the shrouds for a '69 leave a part of the driver's side uncovered. The shrouds for 71-72 are two piece and cover almost all of the radiator. I've searched the posts and have read that the '69 shrouds need an 18" fan, while the '71-72 shrouds will accommodate a 19" fan.

I'd like to get a '71-72 BB shroud for my car as it will cover more of the radiator and allow me to keep the 19" fan. Will the '71-72 shroud fit my setup without any problems and provide the correct fan blade/shroud depth?

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a while back i removed a 71-72 bbc fan shroud from my friends 70 bbc chevelle because he wanted me to install the correct 70 shroud that fits both 69 & 70 bbc chevelles.

So if the 69 & 70 bbc chevelles take same shorud and the 71-72 bbc shroud fits the 70 bbc chevelle ok it will definately fit the 69 ok too./PHEW!!/LOL!!!!

I believe thats the setup VinceG runs with his hot sstreet/strip bbc 69 chevelle that cools great with a 2 core rad thats not generally thought to be the best for cooling a street perf bbc.

BTW,that 71-72 fan shorud that covers more of the rad does a considerably better job of cooling for the reason you already hit on with 69-70 shroud leaving approx 25-30% of the rad uncovered which was a bad move on gm's part which the newer 71-72 bbc chevele fan shroud addresses with ac and or hd coolng option.

If my car wasnt a #'s mathing car i have owned for over 30yrs i would do just what you want to do for better cooling esp when in traffic and when at lower road speeds.

Suggetstion,run a HD not STD fan cluch for a little better cooling in traffic ,the pt#'listed below are for stock bbc long water pumps used from 1969 on up,the short pump was used for 1968 and older bbc chevelles. The HD fan clutch locks up a little more then the std duty clutch does for better cooling in traffic on a hot day. But not that much more like a severe duty clutch would that would run to much diving you nuts and wasting fuel. I run the hd fan clutch on my bbc 69 chevelle with 772 fan & small stock shroud which works good. I have used them with great success on other sbc/bbc street perf setups too and haa reduced temps on the cars i have installed them on

Here's the HD fan clutch pt#'s for 69 & up bbc's with a long water pump :


2747 H/d



215046 H/D





TEM271303 - H/D


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