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I installed my trunk emblem as the assembly manual had shown several years ago, and it was completely WRONG. It called for being 00.55 inches from the right side of the trunk deck & whatever from the bottom. I drilled the holes dead nuts per the manual & when I went to install my NOS badge, the mounting pegs hit the back side of the trunk. DO N O T TRUST THE ASSEMBLY MANUAL.

At CB04 I measured the distance from the trunk lid right edge to their badge on numerous cars with the only thing I had, my GM ignition key. On 99% of the 71 & 72's I looked at, it was the length of my key minus the "square head". I just measured my key now & it comes out to 1.25".

At CB05 I had too much going on & never thought to measure the lower lip distance to the badge, oh well, there is always CB06.

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I'm a ways from putting emblems on my trunk yet so the holes are readily visible. I'll number them 1 thru 5 from right to left and dimensioned from the right side of the trunk lid and up from the bottom:

1) 2.75 over and 1.60 up.

2) 5.20 over and even with #1.

3) 7.05 over and 2.10 up.

4) 9.35 over and even with #3.

5) 9.80 over and 3.10 up.

The holes are 3/16" diameter, but I would lay them all out and compare them to your emblem before drilling any holes.

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