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70SS Valve cover breather question...

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I did do a search and could not find my answer. Bought a GM NOS 90 degree elbow for the passenger valve cover to replace the non-standard breather can the PO had on there. The elbow is 1 inch and the receiver on the bottom of my open element air cleaner is 3/4. Wondering if there is an adapter I am missing to connect the two? I was thinking of just sliding a 3/4 inch hose on the air cleaner and maybe the 1 inch hose from the elbow will slide over it. I looked at OPGI and other parts stores to see if I could get a 1 inch air cleaner adapter, but no luck. Thx...


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To make this correct you really ought get to a correct GM style air cleaner base, the factory connected the two with a short piece of hose, your method will work but you may end up wrestling with it, getting it to fit and each time you have to remove the air cleaner or valve cover.
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