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70SS Valve cover breather question...

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I did do a search and could not find my answer. Bought a GM NOS 90 degree elbow for the passenger valve cover to replace the non-standard breather can the PO had on there. The elbow is 1 inch and the receiver on the bottom of my open element air cleaner is 3/4. Wondering if there is an adapter I am missing to connect the two? I was thinking of just sliding a 3/4 inch hose on the air cleaner and maybe the 1 inch hose from the elbow will slide over it. I looked at OPGI and other parts stores to see if I could get a 1 inch air cleaner adapter, but no luck. Thx...


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My non cowl 70 has a factory GM open element air cleaner if you want me to take some pics or measurements. I thought there was someone out there that made a correct Repro air cleaner. Yes, my elbow and hose look just like that in Post#10. i.e. The size is same on both sides - elbow and air cleaner.
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