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700R4 shifting gears while locked up?

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Can you do this?

I recently upgraded to a 700R4 and am using the B&M shift-lockup controller. I have it set to lock around 48MPH. But the kit instructions say it will lock in 2nd, 3rd, or 4th. So they don't mean it will shift while lockedup , do they? Will this damage the tranny?

where do you guys have the lock up speed set at? It's a driver, not a track car.
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Hey Scott As long as the trans has made the 1-2 shift, you can lock it up and it will shift into the gear's while it's locked up. While in lock up the shift's will be have a different feel and a little harsher than in converter mode, but it will shift. the speed of 48 m.p.h. for lockup sound's good. Just for the heck of it, What model of 700r4 ya got? Does it have the converter shift valve train in the valve body or is it casted over for an ecm controled lock-up? C-ya Scott
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