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700r in V8 Vega?

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Was toying with the idea of a Vega I found pretty much done but wanted a 700r in it so I could DD it. Tired of my late model with lights popping up on the dash, etc. Keep it off to the side just to use as a truck

Has a T350/sbc in it now.

Would the 700r fit in the tunnel without a hassle? Called my trans guy and he wasnt sure his estimate was a little on the high side so I gotta figure out if its worth it before driving the car.

Think it would be fun. Its light, mileage couldnt be any worse than my 02 Silverado I have now Im guessing. DD with a cage lol :thumbsup:

Anyone? :confused:
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no matter what route you take, there is going to be some fabrication involved.
what year Vega? a 74 and newer model would either need a trans with a torque arm mount on it like a Camaro or you'd need to make a mount that ties into the body somehow.
a 200-4r doesn't have the torque arm provisions or a removable tailshaft, but you could use an 82-94 or so F body tailshaft on a 700r4 and make it work by shortening the torque arm.
a 700r4 isn't physically much bigger than a TH350 or 200-4r, but it is a few inches longer if you want to use a 700r4. they all use the same driveshaft yoke. with either trans, you'd need to modify the trans crossmember because the mount is about 3" farther back from where a TH350 is.
a 700r4 has the trans cooler lines in pretty much the same location as a TH350, but the 200-4r has them moved a bit.
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