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If you have a mid April built Baltimore 70 SS Convertible,I might have your build sheet.While over at my friends place today,for our weekly bs and beer session,my friend was cleaning out the back floor of his 70 LS-6 car and saw a piece of paper sticking out from the bottom of his passenger bucket seat back.After careful removal we found a perfect build sheet for a loaded 70 SS vert 3 numbers off the vin of his LS-6 car.He already has a perfect build sheet for his LS-6,just thought we had found a second one.I would like to see this united with it's original owner,so if you have a mid April SS vert car,pm me the last 2 or 3 numbers of your vin and will see if we have a match.This buildsheet is near perfect and can read every option and numbers.I have this posted in tag team,too.
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