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70 SS Temperature gauge resistor

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Anyone know what color the resistor on the back of a 70 SS Temperature gauge is? I have a yellow one on it now but for some reason I thought the temp gauge used a green one. Also, does anyone know what the ohm's reading would be on one of these when I test it.


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Yes Coppertop, the same temperature transducer is used on big block or small block cars. As stated by Rick it is an orange resistor. The resistance value is 86 ohms.

The top and bottom terminals are not internally connected. I believe your problem is caused by the bottom post not making contact with ground. I have a temp gauge that has a 91-ohm wire wound resistor so I think the 91-ohm resistor will work. For accuracy you should have it calibrated. However it should be close.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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