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70 SS Temperature gauge resistor

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Anyone know what color the resistor on the back of a 70 SS Temperature gauge is? I have a yellow one on it now but for some reason I thought the temp gauge used a green one. Also, does anyone know what the ohm's reading would be on one of these when I test it.


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I'll try to help...

First off, guys, can you help me out? I didn't think there was any difference between temp senders on Big block cars equiped with the optional guages? Correct?

Different colors would indicate to me, a different resistance value, BUT, it really shouldn't have a different value if the guages are all the same along with the temp sending units. I don't have a guage in front of me, but I would assume it would need (3) inputs. A +12 volt terminal, a ground terminal, and the input terminal that leads to the sender on the block. If I'm wrong, someone please correct me.


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