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I had to come up with a few drawings for a coach builder and thought this one would be fun, since most Chevelle drawings are of nice cars. They paid me for a 1969 Camaro drawing that were super wicked. They brought me a metal model with clay molded to show their cool designs for the SEMA show. It took me two weeks working at night to come up with the finish product. My kids are excited to know that the car is going to built and sold to a few people with deep pockets. I took commercial art in High School but trying to keep with computer generated drawing is tough, I did trace the outline of the body and glass to keep it in the right scale. (coach buildier suggestion). The convertible and wheels are all made up so they may not look right. I need to come up with a Nocar, I mean a Mopar. What car do you think I should do, I was thinking about Joe Dirts Daytona or Super Bird thing? Thanks again Team Chevelle


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