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70 SS L34 - Worth opinion

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Hey guys,

In my continued pursuit in finding a decent SS with a reasonable price I have fouund a 1970 L34 SS matching numbers car.

Good points are;

- Matching numbers with buld sheet
- New GM Quarters, trunk pans, inner fender well, door skins and fenders.
- New seat covers and headliner
- Car is an A/C car
- Body off chassis - chassis is clean and painted.
- Motor and trans rebult to original specs and in the car running.
- Floor in car is rust free

Not so good points

- car has no paint and no prime
- Bumpers need chrome
- condensor and compressor are missing
- interior is completly out of the car
- all chrome trim is missing
- dash board is poor
- Bench seat car
- auto on column
- Although body off chasis, under of body still not done properly.
- Many interior parts, carpet door handles, and lots of trim need to be purchased
- Exhaust on car is not correct looks like a Midas job.

The owner is asking $11,000.00 for the car.

Considering what is left to be done, paint being the most costly, I think its kinda high. I offered him $10,000.00, which I believe is also high. What do you guys think?


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I agree, way too high...your going to spend gobs of $$ getting that car respectable. Just a decent paint job is going to run you 2k and thats with very little body work..keep looking and be patient. You'll be glad you did.....s
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