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Hey guys,

In my continued pursuit in finding a decent SS with a reasonable price I have fouund a 1970 L34 SS matching numbers car.

Good points are;

- Matching numbers with buld sheet
- New GM Quarters, trunk pans, inner fender well, door skins and fenders.
- New seat covers and headliner
- Car is an A/C car
- Body off chassis - chassis is clean and painted.
- Motor and trans rebult to original specs and in the car running.
- Floor in car is rust free

Not so good points

- car has no paint and no prime
- Bumpers need chrome
- condensor and compressor are missing
- interior is completly out of the car
- all chrome trim is missing
- dash board is poor
- Bench seat car
- auto on column
- Although body off chasis, under of body still not done properly.
- Many interior parts, carpet door handles, and lots of trim need to be purchased
- Exhaust on car is not correct looks like a Midas job.

The owner is asking $11,000.00 for the car.

Considering what is left to be done, paint being the most costly, I think its kinda high. I offered him $10,000.00, which I believe is also high. What do you guys think?



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This should be the asking price for a car that is mostly done not a rough one.

I picked up my car for $6000 and I believe that I payed for the exact condition the car was in. Over all the car is not bad... not great, but not bad. Rock solid drive train. True SS. Documentable. Buckets, 4sp, console. Okay interior. Rear quarter rust. Mainly just cosmetically dirty.

It's spare change (.02) but that is what I have to offer. I'd keep looking, or talk this guy down to a seriously more reasonable price (like below $6 or 7k)

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I agree, way too high...your going to spend gobs of $$ getting that car respectable. Just a decent paint job is going to run you 2k and thats with very little body work..keep looking and be patient. You'll be glad you did.....s

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richr -- if your username is any indication of how much money you have to spend on this car, you are going to have to change it to poorr!

Take back your offer of $10K for the car. As others have mentioned, it is way too much for the car in this condition. You should be able to purchase a car in fairly good condition for the $11K he is asking. This guy is trying to RIP YOU OFF!! Sure it has the engine and tranny (hopefully matching), new 1/4s, etc. What happened to all the interior parts?? Are the seats missing or just out of the car? Where is the AC compressor, etc?

I purchased a matching #'s L34 car 8 years ago which looked pretty rough with just the transmission missing (actually is was a heap of gears and aluminum) for much much less than the $11K he is asking. It had everything! Just needed to rebuild engine, transmission, redo the interior, take all paint off to metal, rebuild front end, rear, and all the other usual stuff one performs on a frame up resto (no one ever realizes exactly what is required in a resto of this type). So far without bodywork and paint, I have invested at least $5K to get it into the state it is in now and 99% of the work has been done by myself (along with some help of friends and family)

My advise is to get this car for <$5K or get it out of your sight and mind and find one elswhere (there are a few out there, just keep looking) and buy a copy of Hemmings if you really want to find one if you haven't already.

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Hi Rich:

I own a '70 L34 SS and i have to tell you that you are about to make a mistake in paying $10K for the car you described. It's great that the car is a documented SS, but documentation isn't going to get you from point a to point b in that car. If you find a car in good driver condition (say a 2.5 or 3 on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being a trailer queen and 5 being a basket case) and pay $15K for it, you will be much better off. Always try to buy the best condition that you can afford, and you won't regret it later. Even with a great car, things happen. My L34 had a rebuilt motor before I bought it and a rust free body and excellent interior, but I have had to put money into it lately. Things like an exhaust system ($500-$600), lower ball joints ($350 with labor), Ujoints (don't know yet), and assorted other sh-t happens kind of stuff. Remember, these are 30 year old cars, so even a meticulous frame-off restoration will demand time and money at various points.

Hope this helps.

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