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I just replaced my idiot light package over to the full gauge package on my 70 SS. I purchased a new wiring harness for the interior and also the forward light harness in the engine (yes both for the gauge package).

This is what works:
Tach, Clock, Amp, Temp, Lighter, Glove Box light, Ash tray Light, Headlights, Wipers, Fuel gauge, Dash Lights, Dome Light, Turn signals, etc

Here is my problems:
-When I click on my highbeams my headlights go out -- could this be wiring or do you think the switch is bad?

-My ignition key buzzer worked a couple of times but now it doesnt

-My heater isn't working -- I'm guessing the fan it out

-My speedo isn't working but I need to check the cable

Any ideas on my problems .. no fuses have blown also?

Thanks for all your help getting this project working.


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I would check one thing at a time.

Do you have 12 volts going to the dimmer switch?
Do you have 12 volts coming out of the dimmer switch, heading toward the head lights when on bright?
Check fo 12 volts at the head lights, sometimes the plug terminals on the back of the sealed beams get corroded as do the terminals on the bulk head connector.
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