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'70 SS Dash Lamp Socket problem!

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I am almost done with the sweep-to-SS dash conversion on my '70 Malibu. For reference, I am installing a complete conversion kit I got from Ground Up. I bought all new 194 lamps and was installing the lamp sockets into the dash and I noticed that some sockets were really tough to install into the dash. I actually broke one of the repro sockets included with the kit and had to use one I took from the old sweep dash. The last two lamps left to install are for the turn signals, but they don't look at all to be the same type of opening as all the others.

Do the turn signals use special lamp sockets?

Any help or guidance would be sincerely appreciated!

Uncle Hulka
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That's what I would have thought too, Dan, but the openings in question look to have these 'tabs' at the 12 and 6 o'clock positions (and are clearly deliberate).
Yeah, I understand repop quality, but even the sockets from the old dash won't fit.

This sucks! I am so afraid of breaking something when I am so close to being finished with this phase!!!
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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