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70 Rear Speakers

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I will be installing the factory rear speakers in my Chevelle and I need to know the harness that runs under the carpet from the radio does it go up behind the seats to the speakers or up through the inside of the quarter panel to the speakers? Is there a seperate harness at the speakers or does the main harness from the front plug in?Is there any clips back there to hold the harness?
Is there anything else that goes back there?
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The factory rear speaker harness runs from the rear speakers, underneath the seats on the right hand side,. It runs parallel to the intermediate harness, but runs under the passenger side. then goes under the firewall pad, and comes back out at the top of the pad, then plugs in to the main harness which includes the front speakers and power.
The harness is taped to the floor under the passenger seat to about where the rear seat starts. The tape is black 2 inch wide tape , it looks like a black duct tape.
This is how both my 72 Chevelle and 72 Monte are with factory installed stereos, I'm assuming 70 should be the same.
Good luck!

Jeff Litka
72 Chevelle SS
72 MonteCarlo
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