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70 Rear Seat Removal

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Before I break something, how do I remove the bottom section of the rear seat in my 1970? (looking for the elusive buildsheet)
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I believe this might have been my first question when I bought my 70 Malibu over a year ago. I was preparing to recover the front and rear seats. Oh, one tip, it is easier to do with the front seats out.

If you get a good look under the front edge of the back seat you'll see a thick wire, which is part of the seat frame catching on a metal lip of the floor pan when you pull up on the seat.

There are two metal trim pieces on each side of the rear seat that need to be taken off. So, fold the front seat down (mine was a bench). You need to put you a$$ on the back of the front seat, bend down and shove right side of the rear seat back and lift after it has went back about an inch. It's a [email protected] but it will move just enuff. Then do the other side.

After the bottom is out there is a bolt holding either side of the rear upper seat to the trunk divider. I think there were 2 bolts under the lower edge too.

Let me know how it goes.

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