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70 malibu and parts

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I basically have three things that I need to get a feel for on their value. I'll post pics tomorrow when I can. Item #1: I purchased a complete, but very rough '70 2 door Malibu. It was a strip model with bench seat, column shift, 350 2 barrel, 350 trans., 10 bolt, roll up windows and lots of rust. It came with 2 sets of rally's. There is basically no sheet metal worth mentioning. The car is complete as I said, with 95% of the trim. All glass is good. The back bumper looks to be salvageable. The motor does not run, but is complete. Item #2 is a set of original 57 Chevy Bel Air front fenders. Some surface rust, but nothing through the metal. These came with the inner fenders as well. Item #3 is an original 1970 SS drivers side front fender. The fender is really straight with the only rust being on the support bracket tack welded on the inside of the fender. Like I said, I will post pics as soon as I can. Thanks
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I guess there is more rust in the 57 fenders than I remember. CHEVELLE/P6090332.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
Yeah, that's what I thought. Not much there. The guy I bought it off of actual ask me to bring it by when I get done with it. Bwwhaha! I think my version of being done with it is much different than his.
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