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70 interior colors

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want to change interior from black to white where can i find all correct interior color color changes like bucket seat back color door armrests carpet headliner etc....
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Joel I believe the Seat Covers, Seat backs and bottom trim, Headrests, door panels and arm rests were Pearl.

Carpet, Dash carrier, dash and dash pad, seat belt retractors, Kick Panels, Headliner, Pillar Posts/trim and package tray were Black. (also console if so equipped)
Joel. Just call them and tell them the color you want.
Unfortunetly, it won't be that simple as the Pearl Headrests are not offered.

If you do a search under 1970 Pearl interior, you will find options to painting your headrests with "Pearl" vinyl dye as well as vendors who offer the service.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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