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We started with a rolling chassis (if you can call it that) and now have a fully running race 468 engine, TH400 trans, etc. Its just about ready for the track except we need to get all the lights working.

So far we have headlights, ignition, fuel pump, gauges, running lights and turn signals all worked out but I am stuck on the brake lights.

The tail lights use a dual filament bulb. The turn signals worked until I tried to wire the brake lights in (both are on the brighter of the two filaments), but now when I hit the brake switch the brake lights / turn signals flash together. I think I have them jumpered wrong.

My question is this . . .

Which filament does the brake lights use? Bright or dim? (I think bright)

Which filament does the turn signals use? (same as brakes or same as the running lights?)

How do the turn signals, brake lights and running lights get wired in back? Since there are only two filaments and one bulb (besides the back up lights) and there are 3 circuits I am a little confused.


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Both the brake and the signal lights use the bright filament. The brake lights get wired through the signal switch. The signal switch has two switching functions, disconnect the brake light feed and switch on the signal feed to the selected side. The brake light switch out should attach to the signal switch harness. It's a white wire in the factory dash harness.

The signal switch is wired as follows white wire from the brake light switch, yellow wire to the L.H. rear light, dk green to the R.H. rear light, lt blue to the L.H dash indicating light and the L.H. front light, and dk blue to the R.H. dash ind light and L.H. front light.

The tail lights, side marker lights and park lights. are all tied together to one wire (brown) from the head light switch.
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