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70 Chevelle Metro door weather strip fit???

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Hello, I am just checking to see if any one of you had trouble with Metro door weatherstrip fitting way too tight? I replaced the soffseal weatherstrip that was on my 70 chevelle ( door & roof rail ), now the doors will not shut all the way.
I did a search and there is really nothing that came up bad about Metro.
It seems to be binding WAY TO tight in the front were the roof rail and door seal meet. I didn't have any trouble with the soffseal weather strip other than a few nicks and tears though the years, that is why I replaced it with Metro. Thank you for any info that you can give me! Jay.
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I have a small shop and we do sell both Soffseal and Metro weatherstrip. Recently I have had a lot of requests for the Soffseal product. I know that Metro is the prefered product on this board but Soffseal seems to be making a comeback. I do know that a lot of guys that have been restoring cars for years request Soffseal. We don't do body and paint but the shop that does our work will only use Soffseal. They say "If the doors are on straight you don't have to slam them". The Soffseal also seems to hold its shape longer but takes a while to relax. This is all a matter of preference and not trying to stir up a debate on which is better as in The Blue Guy or the Purple Guy.

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