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70 chevelle malibu

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I ran across a 70 Malibu today. All orginal car 73k, 350 auto, PS, PB, owned by present owner for 21 years. Repainted in 1995, some bubbling on lower rear of front fender and directly behind rear wheels maybe a 2x3 inch area in each place, that was the olny rust I could find. Everything else looked good. Some paint chips and small scratches. Front seat has two tears and would need to be recovered front carpet would also need replacing, also has after market radio. Will attach some pictures. WIW?


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Here's a 70 307 car discussed in another WIW post that you can look at for reference, made it up to $12,600 I think with no sale- neat car. One or two guys suspected shill bids in there driving the price up (meaning they thought it was too much money at $12,600). If you read that whole discussion it's pretty interesting. Bench seat auto.
Here's a 71 350 car in Virginia Beach with a 4 speed/ buckets/ air conditioning they claim is an EZ resto asking $8,500- WOW that seems steep to me, and EZ resto??

So the car you posted seems closer to grandmpas 1970 but has a 350 vs 307, so I'm going to guess this, assuming it runs/ drive/ stops well:
$12,500 sellers asking price?
$8,000 your offering price?

I personally like the small block/ non-SS/ rare cars from a value perspective. If I was loaded sure I'd love a high horse COPO or LS-6 etc.
If you'd like to post the asking price and your offering price it will be a nice reference point for those that want a car similar to the one you posted.
PS Charlie looks like you're from Western NY State? Spent a week at Lake Chautaugua this Summer- awesome!
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Wow you'd think an offer of $10K on $11.9K would get you somewhere, at least to his bottom dollar.
I dig that car... but I think you're about right on your offering price, might let him marinade on it for a while.
Wife's clan are all in Ashville, great town!
If I werre hunting for a Chevelle and ran across that one $10K would have me interested, if I were selling that Chevelle $10K would have me interested, I think you're on the money there, if the needed bodywork/ rust repair isn't too bad. I dig it personally.
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