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70 chevelle malibu

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I ran across a 70 Malibu today. All orginal car 73k, 350 auto, PS, PB, owned by present owner for 21 years. Repainted in 1995, some bubbling on lower rear of front fender and directly behind rear wheels maybe a 2x3 inch area in each place, that was the olny rust I could find. Everything else looked good. Some paint chips and small scratches. Front seat has two tears and would need to be recovered front carpet would also need replacing, also has after market radio. Will attach some pictures. WIW?


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Man i thought those houses looked familiar... what are you doing in my neighborhood? j/k. I haven't seen that car around, what part of town is that in? don't worry i don't need another car. I am not good with numbers so someone should be along to help with that.
Nice looking 70SS.

Thanks. After seeing your post i found the listing for the car, At first i thought you were the seller trying to get opinions to see if your listing was priced right. have you seen the car in person? just wanted to know how the underneath is trunk/floors?

If you can get a good price on it it may be worth what you want to do with it. although you could keep it a Malibu and still put a big block in it (purists cringing :eek:) and have fun with it.

Another option would be to keep it mostly original but upgrade the drive line, bore and stroke the 350 to the max and have a nice sleeper.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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