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dash pad, on the top? Or dash carrier (the face where the glove box, radio, heater controls, vents and speedometer mount)?

The dash pad has 6 screws (maybe more?) under the front edge (two are accesed though the glove box)... then slide the pad rearward to remove the clips from the car structure...

Most suppliers sell repro dash pads (or questionable quality and fit). Or you can have your recovered (better, but more expensive), or find a decent used one (dye as needed).

The dash "carrier" is much more difficult to remove, but here are instructions floating around here somewhere...

The guage dash is available NEW/repro ( most people call it an "SS dash", but it was optional in Malibu's ordered with guages), along with all the guages, but it gets pretty expensive (about $1800 for the entire conversion, or $300 for just the main carrier)... These had the round openings, with 3 large ones (speedo, gas guage, clock, tach or block-off, depending on options) and three smaller round openings around the perimeter...

Or you could look for a used one, 70-72 Chevelle/El camino are very similar and will swap in, but there are minor differences in looks/fonts and wiring harnesses between the years, but they'll interchange without too much effort... 70-72 Monte Carlo will also bolt in, but these all have wood grain trim snapped into drilled holes, but otherwise the same as the Chevelle versions...

If you have the standard Malibu/Chevelle dash (sweep/horizontal speedo), then your only hope is finding a nice used one used...

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