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70 AC Delete Plate?

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My 70 SS was built w/o AC but in some point in time someone installed a complete factory AC unit. My firewall is cut. I have a 1971 donner car available and will be cutting out its firewall and remove all interior parts. My question is that I have a guage dash and it has a sweep dash. Will the center AC duct delete plate fit my dash?
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Thanks Dan, Its makes sense about the vent fitting both types of dashs.
I just pulled the dash off of the parts car I'm using and removed the plate. It is in excellent condition. I think it will fit. Everything else is intact that I will be needing, All it needs is just some cleaning with Simple Green. I consider myself very lucky to have found this car. It has only 27,000 miles
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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